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Helping to Meet Your Green Initiatives

Efficiency is key with operating costs. That refers to both how well you can serve your customers consistently and keeping your energy costs low. By stocking the most modern equipment and energy saving vending machines, J. Bos Vending Service can help your company meet its green initiatives.

Providing excellent service is the first step. J. Bos Vending Service will proactively stock product and provide timely service, starting with installation and continuing on with regular maintenance. Not only will the product stay stocked, but there will be a variety of options that is never dictated by any manufacturer looking for product placement. 

Customers also want to pay what is a fair price for their product, and J. Bos Vending Service will never lose sight of reasonable and fair price points, because those are important in driving end-user satisfaction. 

While saving on energy costs is important, it starts with saving on space and on vending costs. Stocking all brand name products in the same beverage machine is a perfect example of power and space saving for the companies who choose to go green. All units can be equipped with energy saving, bright-white L.E.D. lights for 50 percent less power consumption than standard vending machine lights.

Ultimately, J. Bos Vending Service is committed to your satisfaction. We understand that there needs to be a balance of service, selection and price to achieve customer satisfaction, which will drive up sales volume and commissions.

For more information on how J. Bos Vending Service can help in your company’s green initiatives, call J. Bos Vending Service at (616) 791-2025. 

Our mission is to provide an unsurpassed selection of quality vending service offerings at fair prices for the benefit of your organizations employees, clients and guests.

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