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Brand Variety

The Lowest Prices & Largest Variety

J. Bos Vending Service, Inc. provides an unsurpassed selection of quality brand name products in our vending machines at fair prices. In most cases, for less than you would pay in a retail store.

We Own Our Machines: A Huge Advantage

Jerry and John Bos invest in their own vending machines rather than using bottler-owned units. This means we have the freedom to put in more requests and can easily deviate from a set menu across the board.

We can stock Coca-cola, Pepsi and 7-Up products in both bottles and cans side by side in the same glass front unit with no conflict of interest. Of course waters, teas, sports and energy drinks are available, too. 


Stocking all brand name products in the same beverage machine is a perfect example of power and space saving for the companies who choose to go GREEN. 

All vending supply units can be equipped with energy saving, bright-white LED lights for 50% less power consumption than standard vending machine lights.

Something for Everyone!

J. Bos Vending supplies brand name snacks including chips from Frito Lay, Better made and TGIF Fridays. We supply candy from Hershey, Nestle, and Mars and others. Our pastry items include Mrs. Freshley, Coverhill, Haas and Kellogg. Whole nuts from Kar’s. Certs mints and Dentyne gum round out the snack line.

We Provide Fresh Food!

Some of our providers are Lipari Foods, East Side Deli, Kitchen Fresh Foods (MENUand Russo’s which include wedge sandwiches, hoagie/hero sandwiches and salads. We also offer Burger, Burrito and Pizza from Pierre Foods, Landshire, Hormel and Bob Evans. Dairy choices from Country Fresh Dairy that includes milk in both pint and half pint cartons and bottles. Yogurt, Bagel w/Cream Cheese, Cereals and other breakfast type items make up the cold food offerings.

Goodbye Freeze-dried Coffee! Hello Grind and Brew

Most coffee vending machines are equipped with two bean grinders that allow for the choice of a regular premium bean or the more robust Becharas Brothers premium beans. We also provide some of your favorite cappuccino flavors using only premium Nescafe mixes at no additional charge to the regular coffee price. Two cup sizes: 8.25 oz. or 12 oz..

J. Bos Vending Service is committed to green energy and having an energy efficient vending supply chain. The Jo. Bos logo wrapped around a globe and a green electrical plug as a vine from a plant.

All units can be equipped with energy saving, bright-white L.E.D. lights for 50% less power consumption than standard vending lights.