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Prime Locations For Your Vending Machines

In real estate, the most important factors are location, location, location. For vending services, the same is true. In order to hit the most customers, figuring out the best vending machine location should be the top priority.

Looking at the big picture, also consider who you are serving. By understanding the buyer persona, or the representation of your ideal customer, you can better strategize your marketing, product and services. These buyer personas can differ with location, so understanding both the buyer and the area will be better for business.

Some of the ideal buildings for your vending machines are the ones where there is a high enough demand for your services. Places like schools, office buildings, gyms, or community centers are just a few great ideas, but searching for other leads can suggest other places that you may not initially think are desired spots for vending machines.

Once inside, the exact location for vending machines makes an enormous difference in how many customers you can serve. Students, employees, or patients are just a few types of people, but the clientele is irrelevant if they cannot find any vending services.

Direct foot traffic is the best possible scenario, which can comprise static traffic (those that walk by every day), and transient traffic (those that may not be there every day, but traffic is the same). Next would be indirect foot traffic, places that are frequented irregularly, but still where the demand for vending services can be high.

There is no more crucial step than choosing a location, and for finding the most success for any vending machine, it needs to sell enough product for the supplier to maintain service. For more information on increasing your revenue by finding the best vending locations, call J. Bos Vending Service at (616) 791-2025. 

Our mission is to provide an unsurpassed selection of quality vending service offerings at fair prices for the benefit of your organizations employees, clients and guests.

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