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What You Need to Know About Vending Machine Accessories

A vending machine business might seem like a simple business operation. You install a vending machine, stock it, and collect the profits. However, that simple vending machine is part of a much larger industry that generates over 8 billion a year in revenue. This includes vending machines, vending services, and vending machine accessories. 

In the U.S. there are over 18,000 vending machine businesses, as well as independent vending machine owners. This is a large market, with some owners having many vending machines in multiple locations. 

Vending machines require more than just a one-time installation. They don’t run forever. In order to keep each of the millions of vending machines across the U.S. functional and profitable, the vending machines must be maintained. Things need to be replaced, machines need to be updated, and that requires replacement parts and vending machine accessories. 

What vending machine accessories exist? 

Bill validators

Bill validators come in different sizes and voltages depending on what type of vending machine you have. In order to purchase a replacement validator, you will need to look at your current bill validator. Look at the make and model of your validator. In most cases, you’ll want to order the same type.

Coin and bill changers

If you’ve ever had a vending machine keep your change, then you know how important this part of a vending machine is. If your vending machine’s coin or bill changer stops working properly, it will need to be repaired or replaced.

Credit card readers

Many newer vending machines come with a credit card reader. If your machine doesn’t have one, consider adding this accessory. Credit cards are replacing cash as the most common payment method, and these days many people don’t carry cash with them. A credit card reader can make you more money and it’s very easy to install.

Selection buttons

If a selection button is cracked or broken, it can look like your vending machine isn’t maintained. Even though a machine may still function with this type of damage, it’s very inexpensive to replace.

Product decals and flavor strips

If you have a soda or beverage machine, you may need to purchase new product decals or flavor strips. This may be necessary if you decide to change brands or if the labeling for a product is updated.

LED lights

You may need to replace or update your lighting within your vending machine. If you have an older vending machine, upgrade your lighting to more energy-efficient LED lights or use a vending mizer to reduce energy costs.

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