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J. Bos Vending is a family owned and operated company that seeks to make every employee feel like a part of the J. Bos family. We value hard work and efficiency because that’s what has grown our company into the small business it is today.

We are seeking dedicated and strong candidates willing to put in the hard work it takes to be a Route Driver. Don’t think this is like other vending machine jobs out there. This rewarding position gives drivers the independence to create or adjust their route schedule, freeing up evenings and weekends to share with loved ones. Consider joining our family today through our website or by stopping by our office during business hours.

Carry on the tradition! An old J. Bos vending truck from the mid-20th century. Apply for one of our vending machine jobs today.
J. Bos's vending services in Michigan cover 600 locations around Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Holland and the lakeshore and some of central Michigan. A map of West and central Michigan with red map markers on several cities, towns, and villages.





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