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Benefits of a Modern Office Break Room

An office break room isn’t just a place to have a cup of coffee and relax. It’s much more than that. It’s a place where employees can decompress, socialize, and escape for a minute. A modern office break room benefits your company and helps your employees thrive. It makes employees happier, increases productivity, and keeps your employees on-site.

Other benefits include:

It helps your employees destress

A break room is where employees go to destress and recharge. Working at a desk all day can be mentally taxing. Having a place to sit, relax, and stop thinking about work for a minute is important for creative thinking and problem-solving. When the employee goes back to work, they are more refreshed, more focused, and ready to tackle the next big task.

It boosts productivity

An office break room gives employees a much-needed mental and physical break. It is a great way to boost employee productivity. If employees don’t get a break in an atmosphere where they can actually unwind, they get mentally and physically worn down. This is especially true for office workers, who are sitting at a desk all day long doing the same (or similar) tasks repeatedly. A break helps them to rejuvenate and return to work fully engaged.

It improves camaraderie

A modern office break room creates a place for employees to eat, hang out, and get to know each other. They can connect with coworkers, build relationships, and develop a sense of community. By giving them a place to unwind during the day, you are increasing morale and fostering camaraderie.

It keeps employees on-site

Having healthy snacks, beverages, fresh food, and coffee mean your employees don’t need to leave the office for lunch. This is a great perk for both employers and employees. Employees love being able to skip the drive to get lunch and employers like their employees return to work faster.

How to make your break room better for employees

Some companies have a break room with just a table and some chairs. While that might seem sufficient, there are some good reasons to upgrade it. Your employees will truly appreciate a more modern office break room with healthy snacks, fresh food, beverages, and coffee that they can access during their workday.

A snack bar or vending machine can be an excellent way to keep your employees energized throughout the day. Employees love having healthy snacks in the office. They are a much-appreciated alternative to junk food. Eating nutritious snacks can actually boost their mood and creativity.

Another way to make your office break room extraordinary is to add a coffee machine. Nobody likes coffee that’s been sitting around for hours. A coffee vending machine will provide your employees with freshly brewed coffee any time they take a break. They can even grind their own beans.

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