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Full Line Vending

J. Bos Vending is one of West Michigan's largest full line vending machine supplier of beverage, snack, coffee, and fresh food offerings.

One of the Largest Independent Vending Providers

As a large local independent vending machine supplier, we serve well over 600 clients in West Michigan.

No Long Term Contracts

Our machines are placed at no cost to you, the client, with no long-term contract required. We also have flexible programs to fit your needs.

Our program battles COVID with UVC sterilization and antimicrobial film. We are one of the only vendors offering this service today!

J.Bos Vending is committed to the health and safety of both employees and customers. J.Bos Vending is now offering a comprehensive protection plan for lunch areas that will fight against any strain of COVID-19 or illness. This plan is adaptable to vending machines, markets and high contact surfaces including tables, counters, and coffee brewers completely free to all our customers.

Give us a call to learn more information about this one of a kind technology. Join the growing list of west michigan companies that are benefiting from our virus protection plan.

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