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About Us

Who We Are

Family Owned Since 1930

Jerry Bos’s father started his vending company as a candy and tobacco wholesaler in West Michigan. Vending machines began gaining in popularity In the late 50s and early 60s. As a result, the Bos family made vending machine placement and servicing their core expertise.

Experience When it Matters Most

J. Bos Vending Service has a staff with anywhere from 2 to 50 plus years of experience. Jerry Bos alone has 50 plus years of experience and remains very much involved in the business. This amount of experience enables us to continue to serve our clients in a timely, efficient and professional manner.

Continuing the Legacy

Jerry and John oversee the ordering of all inventory, while John manages a staff of 12 route drivers to service over 600 locations in West Michigan.

In-house Maintenance

All vending machine service at our client locations is carried out by a full-time service staff. They travel every day to make repairs on the machines so the machines can stay up and running for our clients. We also have Henrik. He works closely with the service technicians to address any new installation or maintenance issues that may arise.

“Green” Friendly!

Jerry keeps up with the latest technology and energy saving solutions to better serve our clients. After two years of research, we are using Second Generation LED lights. These LED are very energy efficient. Jerry is also in charge of ordering parts, vending machines, and related equipment. He prepares and inspects the machines slated for installation as well.

A Phone Call Away 

Jerry’s wife Kathy, along with a staff of three, oversees all the accounting functions of the vending machine service operation. They answer the telephone during business hours, so you are never weaving through an automated voicemail system.

Or Via Email.

Follow this link if you prefer to contact us via email. We monitor it daily.

A collage of images, including old and new J Bos vending machine service trucks, vending machines, and the business exterior.

About Our Company

We are West Michigan’s premier provider of beverage, snack, coffee and fresh food offerings. J. Bos remains one of the last true independent vending machine service providers, with over 600 clients throughout our 50-mile radius service area.

Service — To proactively stock product and provide timely service from installation to maintenance.

Selection — To offer varied product selection that is never dictated by any manufacturer looking for product placement.

Price — To never lose sight that reasonable and fair price points are important in driving end-user satisfaction.

Satisfaction — Maintain the realization that it takes a delicate balance of Service, Selection and Price to achieve customer satisfaction. This results in driving up sales volume and commissions.

To provide an unsurpassed selection of quality vending service offerings at fair prices for the benefit of your organizations employees, clients and guests.

  • We have a complete parts department in our re-manufacturing shop where we do all of our own refrigeration, repairs and modifications.
  • Machines are placed at no cost to you, the client, with no long-term contract required.
  • Programs that allow for commission paid to you the client, or no commission paid for even lower pricing or free office coffee.

Technology Leader Always Looking for Energy Saving Solutions

  • We are the first vending machine service in the area with widespread LED lighting.
  • Only vending company in the area with full on, on/off motion controlled lighting.
  • Each account is custom designed with multiple sensors if needed.
  • Credit card acceptance on many of our machines, at no extra fee. Credit card readers also accept the new embedded chip credit cards and ApplePay.
  • Our machines are Energy Star machines.
  • We own our own cold beverage machines so we can change them so they can dispense all shapes and sizes from 12oz cans to 24oz bottles. This helps us provide a variety of cold beverages in one machine which saves a great deal of energy.