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Vending Machines & Your Increased Sustainability Efforts

In today’s world, how your business’ carbon footprint affects the surrounding community matters. It’s not just your customers and investors who are interested in your sustainability efforts. Making smart decisions when it comes to energy use, waste, and increased sustainability affects your bottom line as well. 

There is a huge demand for energy-efficient appliances and technology on the consumer end, but businesses are also prioritizing increased sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint in their business objectives. For example, the hotel chain Hilton is focused on reducing its carbon footprint by 2030. Part of their sustainability efforts include cutting their water consumption and waste by 50% by 2030.

Vending machines can fit into your sustainability efforts because they provide your customers and guests a service they appreciate — cool beverages and snacks — while also creating revenue. However, the cost to illuminate products and refrigerate beverages, even for one vending machine, contributes to your energy bill.

A vending machine uses electricity 24 hours a day. An average vending machine uses about 7-14kWh of electricity a day. It costs up to $300 or more a year in energy costs to operate one. It amounts to around the same energy use as a refrigerator. While one vending machine may not cost that much to run, for businesses like hotel chains who have multiple locations with several vending machines at each location, this adds up. Here’s how to include vending machines in your sustainability efforts:

Choose an ENERGY STAR Rated Vending Machine

ENERGY STAR certified vending machines are 40% more efficient than older vending machines. Switching to an ENERGY STAR certified vending machine can save 1000kWH annually. These vending machines use more efficient compressors, fan motors, and energy-efficient lighting to reduce the amount of energy needed to keep beverages cold.

Use Energy-Efficient Lighting

The lighting inside of a vending machine also contributes to its energy consumption. Replace the lighting with energy-efficient lamps and ballasts.

Use a Vending Mizer

A vending mizer is a device that connects to a vending machine to reduce its energy consumption. It uses an infrared sensor to detect when people are near. When it’s not in use, it powers down the machine while keeping the products refrigerated. This can reduce your energy costs by 46% annually.  

Change or Consolidate Your Vending Machines

The purpose of having a vending machine is to provide value to your guests and customers. Evaluate where your vending machines are placed and how much value they are providing at each location. Consider consolidating or changing the location of your vending machine to an area that gets more use.

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