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Deciding Between Vending Machines or a Pantry Market

When it comes to providing food, snack, and beverage options for your business, hotel, or break room, there are a lot of choices. If you’re trying to decide which makes more sense for your company, food vending machines, or a pantry market, there are a few things you should consider before you decide.

A pantry market or micro-market are two similar ways to provide food and snacks to your employees or guests. A pantry or micro-market is basically a little shop inside your business or hotel, where people can purchase food or beverages. The micro-market is a newcomer to the foodservice market, but some businesses like the concept. Customers or employees can purchase food items themselves using an electronic kiosk. A pantry market is similar, but guests don’t use self-checkouts.

Pros and cons of a pantry market

There are some advantages to adding a pantry market to your location, but there are some good reasons to choose food vending machines instead. Vending machines are convenient, whereas pantry markets require more space, someone to maintain the pantry, and more operating costs.

If you are looking for a full pantry where employees or guests have a variety of products like healthy meals and fresh products, a pantry may be what you’re looking for. Keep in mind this is an expensive option, and unless you have full-time staff to maintain your pantry, worry about theft. You will also purchase and stocking all the products.

Why choose a vending machine?

A vending machine can provide the same benefits without the headache. A quality vending service can provide you with a variety of food and beverages, including healthy snacks. They will install, manage, stock, and service your vending machine. Once your vending machine is installed, you won’t have to worry about maintaining it. 

Although there are occasional issues with vending machines not working correctly, such as not dispensing a product or dispensing the wrong product, mostly, vending machines are hassle-free. Unlike a pantry market, they are a low-cost option that also creates extra revenue for your business, while providing your guests or employees a service they appreciate. 

Along with the cost of operating a pantry, it also costs more for people to purchase items in a pantry market. A vending machine provides your business with snacks and food items that are convenient and affordable. Not everyone wants or needs a stocked pantry. Unless you have enough customers to support a pantry, the operating costs will be really high. A vending machine, no matter what size your business is, gives you the perks of providing food, snacks, and beverages without the costs or upkeep.

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