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Consolidating Services to Maintain Consistency

Picking the right vending machine placement maintains consistency. What does that mean? Dropping a couple vending machines here and there might return some profit, but without a clear goal in mind you are not reaching as many customers as you could be. For starters, you cannot just put a vending machine anywhere, it needs to be on your property. Plus, not every location is ideal for a vending machine. 

Each vending machine needs to be in a spot that sees plenty of foot traffic, otherwise people may not know your vending machine is even there. The two most likely people that will stop at a vending machine are impulse buyers and habitual buyers, and that means a place like a school or break room is a perfect spot to reach customers.

You can go out and find some locations yourself for vending machines, but there are tried-and-true spots that will almost always turn a profit. Mall and residential complexes see constant foot traffic. Large offices, college campuses, and manufacturing plants each have a few hundred people on the move, and some of those locations do not have other nearby food or beverage options.

Have you ever had to wait for an extended period somewhere and felt hungry? Those places are car repair shops, airports, or hospitals, and people in those places might not know how long they could wait, meaning they will need a snack, eventually.

As your reach grows and your market expands, it is important to keep regular communication with the people that manage those locations. Consistency needs to be developed, and the sooner you streamline that process, the sooner you will see success. 

Understanding the ideal locations and your target customer is the best way to get started, but staying consistent across all locations can take time. For more information on staying focused on your goals and vending machine tips for success, call J. Bos Vending Service at (616) 791-2025. 

Our mission is to provide an unsurpassed selection of quality vending service offerings at fair prices for the benefit of your organization’s employees, clients, and guests.

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