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The Bos Family Vending Machine business began in 1930 with current owner Jerry Bos’ father.  He started out as a candy and tobacco wholesaler in West Michigan.

In the late 50’s and early 60’s vending machines began gaining in popularity.  It was then that the Bos’ decided to make vending machine placement and servicing their core competency.  Here at J. Bos we are very fortunate to have some great people on board with experience from 2 to 50 plus years which enables us to continue to serve our clients in a timely, efficient and professional manner.

Jerry Bos has 50 plus years of experience in vending and to this day remains very much involved in the business as does his son John Bos.  Jerry and John oversee the ordering of all inventory.  John also manages a staff of 12 route drivers.  Jerry’s nephew Curt maintains all the vending machines we have at over 600 locations in the West Michigan area.  Henrik works closely with Curt and Mike to address any new installation or maintenance issues that may arise.  Mike is in charge of ordering parts, vending machines and equipment.  He prepares and inspects the machines slated for installation as well.  Mike also keeps up with the latest technology and energy saving solutions to better serve our clients.  Jerry’s wife Kathy, along with a staff of three, oversees all of the accounting functions of the business.

J. Bos’Vending Service telephone is always answered personally by one of our office staff during business hours, so you are never weaving through an automated voice mail system. We also have a link on this site if you prefer to contact us via email.  We monitor our email daily.  Should we need to reach any of our staff they are only a telephone call away to handle a service call, question or any concerns you may have.


West Michigan's premier provider of beverage, snack, coffee and fresh food offerings. We remain one of the last true independent vending service providers and serve well over 600 clients throughout West Michigan.


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